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Money and ads and cheats and controls.

So....I would give it five stars but there are some big promblems. Here they are. MONEY:I have 413 diamonds BUT when I go to the store to but stuff I need,I dunno...100 or 400 diamonds but it always say I have ZERO! ADS: Way too many ads,even when on airplane mode. 😾 CHEATS: Level five,you fall through the floor sometimes,it does the timing wrong like you are on the blue part and the red doesn’t come in time.😬 Yeah.... CONTROLS: this isn’t what took away some of the stars,this is just a suggestion...I’d like a choice for controls. Anyone else have these problems?


Its way to sensitive

Twisty road

It is hard but awesome!!!!!


Absolutely LOVE this game it relaxes me but also is a challenge


I love this game can you send me some free merch

Awesome Game!

This game is AWESOME

Not the best



Not fun. Very confusing and hard to use. So not impressed! Deleted and getting Impossible Road instead! Not fun.

honest review

2 stars because i like the game but it LAGS so much it makes you not even want to play if you fix the lagging issue it would be a 5 star game. If your making a game that has continuous play, lagging should be the first issue you fix.

Needs a restart button

I really do like this game, but on the levels I think it could use a restart button. It’s very frustrating to have to wait for it to fade to black after you fall off the road.

Best game

This game is boss but I don’t recommend downloading it because it is addicting

Ads are overwhelming

Every other time you die there is an ad. And they’re the 30 second ads you’re unable to get rid of. It’s obnoxious and makes the game unplayable.

Five stars

This game is amazing and all of you who play cd play fortnite please

This review

This is the best game ever

The worst game ever

I hate this I hate this game doesn’t even work my phone is like the perfect phone in this game doesn’t guys never get this app


This app is so bad it glitches way to much and don’t download this app bc it froze my phone and it would not turn back on bc of this dumb app


I love this game!!!Its so much fun it also never glitches or lags which is amazing!!!

Great Game

I got this app a couple of days a go, and it’s safe to say I’m hooked. It can be frustrating, but very fun at the same time. Very addictive. Also, if you didn’t know you can turn off WiFi and no adds will appear, it’s a good life hack. This really is a great game you should download.


Don’t waste your time unless you like an impossible game designed to make you watch ads

Too many ads

I personally really like this game. It’s fun and challenging. But I would like to point out that it has too many ads. Every time I click ‘ tap to continue, ‘ I get an ad. It’s fun enough to get three star review from me, but I would like the ads to be cut down a bit. Thanks!

Wow so bad

It’s a waste of time although it would be a good game if the controls weren’t SO bad!

Shut up and stop being desperate

Stop acting like ur game is hard, stop spamming me with ads about ur game, I wasted my time trying to enjoy this knows it’s easy so it just adds bull crap mechanics so it can be concidered difficult, but it’s a whole flop. Shut up and shut down this stupid game....


When I revive it doesn’t work pls fix and I’ll rate 5 star


the level of ads is absurd 😡😡😡

needs to fix

gems do not let you buy any balls or anything, also the thing to revive doesn’t work you watch the ad and it doesn’t even go back to game you just played to revive and finish so I don’t understand why that is in the game if it doesn’t work. Game is challenging but i.t is fun but if these things I pointed out worked i.t would be a much better game.

Airplane mode is necessary

While the game is great and fun if you play it you have to be on airplane mode or else the ads slow down the play and cause the game to start glitching and not responding leasing the user to end up dieing in the game

Let me drop

If u roll of the ledge they should let u keep going and not make the screen go black


Beware, this is an extremely addictive game. I played straight for 3 hours


This game is stupid and frustrating is all I’m gonna say.

Not very good

I just downloaded this app and when I started to play it, I did not like it. First of all, It says ‟tap to play‟ so I did and when you barely even touch it to change directions, It makes a very sharp turn, And I end up dying within 3 seconds of the game. I do not like this game.

Good game but......

This a great game the only complaints is that it has to many adds but I get you have to pay to get rid of the adds but I’m to cheap to pay. My other complaint is that once you get a lot of diamonds you can buy new balls and roads and gate but once you buy everything there’s nothing more to buy unless you want to pay $0.99 for really cool balls gates and roads plus the cool ones there’s only three balls three gates and three roads. But other wise this is a great game it’s super fun and addicting but I also wanted to add that it’s rated twelve and up which is stupid this is a kids game all you do is tap each side of the screen to move the ball like !!!!! The ads are pretty messed up like what is wrong with the world it says rated twelve and up because of drug Alcohol and a bunch of other crap most of the ads are those stupid game like episode and choose you story 🤯🤮


I like this game because you don’t want to give up You just keep wanting to play and play and play and play I love this game😍😘😛


Not that good I couldn’t get the game to turn me around when landing on another platform

It’s nice

This app is a fun game t get rid of boredom!

😬😱 don’t wast your time

It’s ok but it’s so hard to use the controls I have WiFi so it should be so glitchy but it would just freeze and then I’d be dead ik it’s free but it should still be better than this I’m going to delete this

Love it but read to find out

I love it but when I first downloaded this game and played it, it was boring! But don't think this is a bad comment because now I absolutely love it, maybe just add more maps. God bless you.




It is amazing

remove the ads please

there’s too many ads


I saw this game on ads a lot a didn’t think it was very good but then I saw that my friend had the game so I went ahead and tried it. Once I played the game I found it very addicting and wanted it on my phone. I read some of the other reviews and would totally disagree with “to many ads” and “a copy of impossible roads” Because TwistyRoad looks like it’s so more complex and fun. I love how you can buy new balls, roads, and gates with the diamonds. I am so addicted to TwistyRoad!

Legally skilled

I got 19 seconds


Good game, but not the best game. DO NOT PLAY FORTNITE!


Every single turn theirs an advertisement it’s honestly so annoying

Best game ever

I love it I can’t stop playing it


It would be nice if it didn’t have ads EVERY time you fail

It’s okay

It’s a fun game, but chill out with your ads please! Nobody wants to pay for this type of game just to remove ads! Just don’t have an ad every time you fail is all I ask.

Too hard The Bad Control I keep falling off

The bad control is way too hard for anybody booooooooo

Falling Time

The falling time should be longer because I would be 1 second away from the road then it game over


It’s a great game. It really is relaxing. I love it . My friends and I always play the game. I have been trying so hard to finish the levels l. I love the game💜💜

It’s a good game, I guess...

I started playing twisty road not really knowing much about it, and it was actually pretty fun. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Thanks for making this, and I hope to see another update to this game sometime soon.

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