Twisty Road! App Reviews

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I have this a three because every time I fall off the road or complete a level ADD ADD ADD there is not ONE time WITHOUT a ADD


This game is awesome and I am so thankful for who ever made this game cause it is the 👍👍👍🙂

Do not buy

Okay I know that’s weird but this game is horrible. You can Barely get past level one! So I suggest don’t get it


This game is fun yet slightly hard barely takes any effort definitely a good choice

Best game ever

Love it

BEST GAME EVER!!!!!! but to many adds

I love the game but it has adds not to many but just adds it’s fun but I never played it my grandma has to download it because it’s her phone and I can’t do it because her finger print my finger is not my grandmas

Needs one improvement

This is a great game. It keeps me constantly entertained, and a love everything about it. Except one thing, that being the amount of time it takes before you die. On multiple occasions I am very close to making it to the road, then the game decides I have died. You guys NEED to either make the amount of time it takes to die longer or put a button that allows you to choose when you know you’re dead, unless it is obvious that you won’t make it. One that gets fixed the game is perfect.

Frustrating Contols

Fun and challenging game but the left control glitches ALL the time. Especially on the narrow parts of the stages mode. It make me very mad when I am close to the end. I’m not sure how to fix it, but I would appreciate it if someone would.

More levels!! Where’s the level in the ad?!?!

I saw this game in a ad, it said “ no one reaches the bottom” I haven’t even seen the level in the ad. Not only that there is only 25 levels. I beat them in 1 hour. Needs more levels and maps!!!

Mediocre because of ads

The game is unplayable with ads. It’s impossible to develop any sort of rhythm. When disconnected from internet (and thus ads) the game is fantastic.

It’s a meh😒

Ok so this game is fine but the controls are a BAD. I like only played this for 10 minutes but it is 💩. Don’t download it. On the good it is very addicting and fun.

Awesome best game I ever got

Best game ever. When I usually keep it for like a day lol. But this game is amazing and I never get board and I usually listen to post Malone and play at the same time 😍. But one thing I think would be better to improve the game is the distance you are capable of falling is a lil bit longer😏. Other than that, best game I ever have downloaded 😍😍😍

Booty cheeks

It gets boring after a little bit of time


I don’t recommend getting this because right before I hit the road when I drop it says I lost😠😠😥😥. Upgrade it so you lose after all the road is passed(unless ur in endless mode then do it for after the color) after that I will rate it 5 ⭐️s! Thx for reading this!🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂


This is an awesome game



Good Game

In my opinion the game is a really good game, but they could add more levels. Other than that the game is really fun and addictive.


This game has too many ads. It’s annoying because sometimes it will have a fake X button so you can exit out. Seriously please do less ads this is a little much

Twist Road

I love this game soooo much!!!! Everyone should get it!!!!!!💕💕


As I first started playing it was awesome but the second day a WHOLE bunch of adds were popping up each time I died a 30 second add.

I love it

I love it so much it’s the best game I have I give it a five star

Addictive but too many adds

This game is really addictive but there is way too many adds. Is there some possible way you can lower the add amount? Addictive +5 stars Too many adds -2 stars


If you download this the fbi will come to ur house and kill u. I’m telling u dawg. My dog got it and died the next day✌🏿.

Ok but not the best

At first, it is fun and frustrating, then it becomes more fun, but then it becomes boring.


Turn on airplane mode to prevent all the adds hope this comment helps

More levels

Hi there idk how to contact voodoo so I hope this does the job but my friend and I love the game and beat all 25 levels and really wish you would make more so please please please make more levels for this game Ps high score on endless is 112 lol

The best game ever

This game is so addicting that it’s like you can’t stop! I downloaded this game 2 days ago and I’ve never stopped that’s how good this game is a 5 out of 5 !!!!! FOR SURE!


I really love this game. I think it's definitely one of the greatest games on the app store


This game is very difficult to play I just hit a button and died immediately I didn’t even have time to try

I loved this game! 😃

I’m being honest here and this app is great! It is fun to play and takes up a lot of time if that is what you want! Apart from the ads ( there aren’t that many) it’s amazing. It may be hard to control at first but it always is fun! You can skip through the course sometimes right to the end!

Pretty good

It’s fun and the levels are good, but it’s just so lonely, I hate it when voodoo ads a.i. Though, so what they should do is just ad a changeable background

Too many ads

The gameplay is really fun it’s just the ads there are way too much ads.


I hate this game!


I love it

Way to many ads

Tooooo many.... But the game is fun

Twisty road

It’s a good game if you don’t get mad easily. The maker should not tilt the road. I like the game but I get mad easily.


It’s pretty addicting but gets boring after a while. The best feature are the levels and it had me going for hours. Please a lot more!


I love the game

Like what

There’s no way to stay on that dang thing how stupid!!!!!!!!! This game was poorly made! Smh

Need to improve

To hard

Money and ads and cheats and controls.

So....I would give it five stars but there are some big promblems. Here they are. MONEY:I have 413 diamonds BUT when I go to the store to but stuff I need,I dunno...100 or 400 diamonds but it always say I have ZERO! ADS: Way too many ads,even when on airplane mode. 😾 CHEATS: Level five,you fall through the floor sometimes,it does the timing wrong like you are on the blue part and the red doesn’t come in time.😬 Yeah.... CONTROLS: this isn’t what took away some of the stars,this is just a suggestion...I’d like a choice for controls. Anyone else have these problems?


Its way to sensitive

Twisty road

It is hard but awesome!!!!!


Absolutely LOVE this game it relaxes me but also is a challenge


I love this game can you send me some free merch

Awesome Game!

This game is AWESOME

Not the best



Not fun. Very confusing and hard to use. So not impressed! Deleted and getting Impossible Road instead! Not fun.

honest review

2 stars because i like the game but it LAGS so much it makes you not even want to play if you fix the lagging issue it would be a 5 star game. If your making a game that has continuous play, lagging should be the first issue you fix.

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