Twisty Road! App Reviews

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This game was totally the worst game I’ve ever played!

This game is to hard to play no instructions doesn’t make it easy and you can’t change the path! I hate this game so much😡


I love it


Amazing but I really don’t want to pry will you have a jump off and I hate the color

Old version was dope

They should bring back the old version of the game with the jumps and no diamonds

Love(d) it

I loved his game it was so much fun, and the addition of the Gems and Levels was so much more fun! But recently I’ve gotten the worst part of any free game, I have been getting adds non stop all the time! AND ITS SO FRUSTRATING because this was one of those unique games that didn’t have adds! But now it does, but I can get past that, it’s an awesome game!

Too Hard

This game is entirely too hard right off the bat. I couldn’t even get past number 1. I slightly move my finger to the right and the ball flies off the “road”. It’s ridiculous


It won’t let me revive I cry and it causes depression 😂😭

This game is not very good at all😒😒😕😕

This game is not good! When I first saw the ad I thought it would be awesome but then I found out the twists are so hard there’s too many ads and it goes way too fast! I’ve probably played this game like two times in my life. I thought I would get into it but I didn’t. way too hard! once you see this game don’t buy! it it’s not good at all! 😕😕😕😢☹️😔😣☹️😔😒😒

Good entertainment

I also like how you can jump off onto another part of the road

Constant ads

Way too many ads and takes too long to restart once you fall off. Delete!

I hate this game because It is stupid

You should not play this game because it is stupid and they cheat a lot but I do not suggest this game at all .👎

Still have ads even after the $2.99 ad removal

A new update has added ads in the form of banner ones on the title screen. Restore purchases does not affect anything. I hope this is fixed in a future update, but for now, 3 stars for this game.

good way to watch ads

who wants to watch a 30 second ad for every two minutes of game play.... if i wanted to watch advertisements i would have turned on tv or opened facebook.


This game was very fun, with not many ads, and it was very addicting, until the added gems. This just makes it so much less fun. PLEASE GET RID OF THE GEMS.

Best and hardest game I’ve played.

How did you get so good at game creating?!

Anxiety alert‼️

This game gave me an anxiety attack, if you have bad anxiety I wouldn’t recommend this game.

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This is dumb...

This is dumb......I love it this is amazingly awesome

Too many ads...

This app maker makes all their games with too many ads, literally play the game 3 times and you get an ad...

Too much waiting... respawn after falling off. Deleted.


I got mad but it is fun

Great Game

It is a good game and it is a cool concept but one thing is I purchased no ads and there are still little ads are is the right corner when you start the game. Still a good game


Fun game love it not too much ads so it’s good

Back off haters!

This game is hard but super addictive. You people are complaining that there is too many ads, but there really isn’t. I mean the game is free and there is no full version! How else do you expect them to make any profit off of the game? I think that this game is fun and addictive and that you really should download it. Also I don’t think that the no ads option is really that overpriced. Great game!📲😃

Ad overload

I love the game, but an ad with every death is becoming unbearable. There are many missions that involve trial and repeat and having to watch an ad every single time you die is ruining the game. Income is important, but there’s no income if the game is unplayable

Hard to Control

Overall this game is very entertaining and well developed. The only problem I have is that it is hard to steer the ball.

Great game but needs a little help

I believe that the game is awesome but I will say it does need a little help because when I’m playing and it falls off and lets me land on a another road that’s good but when I’m falling way more down and about to land I will die so I’m asking if u can fix that to just let it stay on until it completely dies.

Fun game



To hard give it a break make a fun game

new ads??

i paid months ago to remove all ads. with the new update i am getting ads on the side that are hard not to click. very annoying. if you’re not going to fix it i would love my money back.

Dolly ball

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Buen juego


This game is garbage.

Honestly, it would be a good game if there wasn’t ads every time you die.


This app moves way too fast just hard to keep up with I’ve been playing for a long time and not able to pass the first couple of barriers.

Amazing game

Just amazing it makes your brain really think


Why the hell does it say mild sexual content?



Ads even after paying

I paid to remove ads. Why are there more ads with the new update?


O mam

Twisty road

The game is really fun but one thing that I don’t really like is that if I jumped from one line to another and I’m about to hit it, it makes me “die”



Terribly frustrating

The game is way to hard to turn without falling of the road is do not like this game and do not recommend getting it 💩👎🏿😤😡👿🤢👹👺

Great game, but the ads gotta go

I think this game is really fun and addicting, but the constant ads are really annoying.

Unusable unless you pay

I had 2 ads a minute I had to watch. Could not take the time to learn the game. They won’t even wait until your addicted to feed ads non stop. NIGHTMARE


I think this game has way to many adds. All of the adds that pop up slow the game down!! I would rate this app a big fat zero IF it would let me. The game is laggy because of all the adds. FIX THIS FREAKIN GAME.😡

OK update

I really love this game, I really do. But I hate the skin that you have to smash 2k gates to get. All I had to do to beat the game was to get that skin. And I was so close. But now there’s a new update that makes it so you have to get coins (which are diamonds so please change) which I think is a good idea, but you have to get a LOT of them in order to be beat the game, which by the time you get them all, there will probably be a new update by the time you get at least half way. So all I ask is to make it so you only have to smash 1.5k gates to get that skin, add more levels, and make the new skins you have to get coins for cheaper. Thanks.

Great Game, But Needs Updates!

I love this game, however, I have beaten all the levels and have unlocked all the skins. I think there should be way many more levels and skins to be available for unlock. I like the very hard levels as it will take skill to beat instead of just going through it very easily. There could also be cubes within those levels that give you special skins. Maybe you could have a weekly prize that will be able to be unlocked and it gives you a random skin and some are more rare to unlock than others and if you don't like a skin, you could sell it. By selling it, it gives you coins that can be used to buy other skins, the more rare, the more coins it costs. Furthermore, if you unlock and beat everything available, the game unlocks a very rare skin that is only avaiable to those who beat everything.

This game is addictive!

I can play this all day honestly. It’s very fun!

Copy of impossible road

It is literally the exact same thing as impossible road just with a smaller ball, different gates, ad 100,000x more ads. You can even unlock the exact same road from impossible road. The steering and turning, and basically everything is the same. The only reason I’m giving it three stars is because it's the amount of money I saved downloading this game rather than impossible road, which I had bought on a different device anyways so ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ

Too many adds

The game is a lot of fun the new levels mechanic is great and provides a good challenge but the ads. The adds pop up no kidding after every other attempt. It’s delayed too. I don’t know about other people, I find delayed ads a pain in the back. Overall it’s a solid game and it’s a good way to waste time.

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